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Brutal hours and intense deadlines have made it hard for moms to land leadership roles in advertising.
That’s bad news for any client who wants to target moms. We’re starting a cultural movement to reinvent the work week so they can thrive at both their jobs.


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Rethinking the
Work-Life Equation

It takes more than just policies to make a workplace
truly flexible. The whole office culture has to change.

Why Women Still Can’t Have It All

What Women Want From Their Employers, in 5 Simple Charts

The Failure of the Phrase 'Work-Life Balance'

“Balance” is a luxury that few will ever attain. There needs to be a way to talk about this problem that captures why it matters for everyone.

The Fundamental Misalignment of Work and Life

School ends at 3 and the workday ends at 6. Discuss.

A Creative and a Mother. Can You Be Both?

Why I'm back at work after my second, and what I'm trying to do differently.


In this episode of Uprising, Scott Goodson is joined by Nancy Hill, President and CEO of the 4A's to discuss the strengthening movement for moms and women in leadership positions within advertising, marketing and media industries. 

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Is mom a bad word? Today a look at the rise of the new women's movement in the advertising, marketing and media space. Specifically making a stand against mom bias in the workplace. Joining me today is Lisen Stromberg, consultant with the 3% conference.

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